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The Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (LOTCA) Battery is a device initially designed by neurologists and psychologists to accurately measure the cognitive ability of individuals with various neurological disabilities or expressive language disabilities. However, since its inception, the LOTCA battery has been used to measure and evaluate a large number of additional populations, including the elderly, stroke patients, underachieving students, psychiatric patients, children, and spinal cord injury patients. The results obtained from the LOTCA cognitive battery allow for better decision making regarding treatment options, rehabilitation, and prognosis for the individuals undergoing testing.

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Over the course of time, there have been numerous placebo controlled, reputable studies performed providing strong evidence to support the validity of the LOCTA battery. These experiments have results that are reproducible and highly accurate, and continue to reinforce the both usefulness and efficacy of this test system for its ability to provide beneficial information regarding the individuals studied.

The LOTCA battery tests four major functions of the brain. These areas include orientation, visual and spacial perception, visual motor organization, and thinking operations. Because the LOTCA cognitive battery only requires the use of simple verbal and motor responses, the test is very easy to administer. In addition, this test system can be completely administered in two or three, thirty-five to forty-five minute sessions, and the results are easy to interpret. Furthermore, there are currently modifications of the test system available specifically for the geriatric population, in place to provide more accurate and reliable assessments of that specific population.

The LOTCA cognitive battery is a useful tool and should be implemented in all patient populations in need of neuro psychological evaluation. Because it is easy to administer and the results are easily interpreted, the benefits the test system in terms of successful analysis make this product a unique one. In addition, this product offers clinicians and caregivers with a valuable window into the minds of individuals with challenging and debilitating disorders, for whom accurate or useful analysis may be lacking. With the information gained from the use of this product, caregivers are able to formulate treatment plans as well as gauge the success of current treatment implementation.

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